Avro Keyboard Download For Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS (2021)

Sometimes, we need to write in Bangla. But we can not write in Bangla without any Bangla softwareAvro Keyboard is one of the most popular software that is being used by thousands of people to write in Bangla.

If you are searching for a Bangla typing software that is very easy to use, then Avro Keyboard could be a great solution for you. If you want to download Avro Keyboard, then you will find the download link below. Moreover, in this article, you can find the installation process and how to use it.

There are many English typing software available on the internet. But if you want to find a good Bangla typing software, you have to do some struggle for searching because there are a few numbers of Bangla typing software are available. Avro is one of them. Avro Keyboard is a very good quality Bangla typing software.

If you want to write directly with Unicode, you will be able to do that without facing any problem. This is one of the most interesting facts about this Avro Keyboard software. It is the first free Unicode and ANSI compliant Bengali keyboard interface for Windows.

What is the Avro Keyboard?

Avro Phonetic Keyboard Layout

Avro Keyboard is a free and open-source graphical keyboard software developed by OmicronLab for the Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and unofficial (as Ridmik Keyboard) for Android and iOS operating system.

-Avro Keyboard, simply the Best Bangla Typing Software, breaks all old records, wipes out obstacles, rewrites history and recreates tradition!

It is the first, ANSI-compliant, and free Unicode Bengali keyboard interface. The software provides all the popular Bangla typing methods from Bangladesh and India in a single interface, making it flexible enough for all users. It acts as both a specialized language keyboard and a spellchecker.

Before the Avro Keyboard, it was not possible to write on the internet using Unicode without Avro keyboard software. But now you can use Avro Keyboard to do that. Anyone can use Avro Keyboard to write Bangla both online and offline.

Avro Keyboard is so popular that it is hard to find a person who does not know about it. Most of the Bangla language people have this software installed on their PC. Bengali People worldwide, mostly from Bangladesh & India’s Kolkata, use this software to write their documents in Bangla.

Avro Bangla Keyboard was first launched on 26 March 2003. It is full offline based Bangla software by OmicronLab.

Who is the creator of Avro Keyboard?

mehdi hasan khan
Mehdi Hasan Khan

Dr Mehdi Hasan Khan, a student from Mymensingh Medical College. He is the creator of Avro Keyboard. Avro Keyboard was developed in Visual Basic, which was later transferred to Delphi.

Avro Keyboard Features:

  • Unicode to Bijoy converter
  • Both Unicode and ANSI support
  • English to Bengali phonetic typing
  • Traditional fixed keyboard layout-based typing
  • Mouse-based Bengali typing
  • Spell Check on the fly
  • Spell checker program
  • Input language/input locale support
  • Customizable mode-switching (single key/key combination)
  • Automatic keyboard mode and input language tracking
  • Key layout viewer on the fly
  • Customizing Keyboard layout
  • Unicode and ANSI based fonts availability
  • User editable dictionary support for phonetic typing
  • Keyboard macro support

Avro Keyboard Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space (SSD): 100 MB or more
  • Processor: Intel ® Pentium 4 or Faster

Avro Keyboard download:


If you have the PC with the given minimum required specifications, then what are you waiting for? You will be able to run this software in those operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS. To install the Avro Keyboard software, go to the download and install section.

If you like the Avro Keyboard and you want to download the latest version of it, then you have to use our given links. By using our links, you will be able to download Avro Keyboard. We are here with the direct download link so that you do not face any problem in downloading.

How to install Avro Keyboard:

After downloading, you now have to install the software to use it. The installing process is the same for all operating system. You will be able to install Avro Keyboard by following the given steps easily.

  • At first, you have to download the file using our Direct Download Link.
  • Then you have to extract the folder.
  • After extraction, open the folder & find an Application type Exe file.
  • Double click on that Exe file.
  • Select According to your operating system.
  • There is No Bit Requirement.
  • Follow the steps as the screenshots.
  • Then click close.
  • Then click on the start menu.
  • Search Avro Keyboard.
  • Double click on the Avro Keyboard icon.
  • Then it will show the popup.

Bangla Typing with Avro Phonetic.PDF

Nowadays Avro Keyboard is the most popular Bangla writing software. It is an essential and very useful Bangla software in our daily life. Moreover, you can download and install the Avro Keyboard software for free.


There is a good reason why the Bangladesh Election Commission and even the Bengali Wikipedia website regularly use the Avro Keyboard. It’s a powerful and convenient program that gives you various essential features for typing on any other program.

After all, we would like to thank you for using our link to download this software. You really deserve this. If you follow the steps correctly, you will not face any problem in downloading and installing it. But by chance, if you face any problem, feel free to share it with us so that we can give you a useful solution.